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As an owner, you know that the decision to make a significant capital investment is very involved and often complex. However, once the decision is made to invest, the capital project takes off with cash flowing rapidly and ultimately thousands of new assets being delivered and turned over to you and your staff. Often projects fail or even ignore the importance of providing organized, accurate and complete information to enable maintenance of the new facility. This failure can have dire consequences for you as an owner in keeping new facilities in full operation.

How it Works

  • CPFS provides clients with a comprehensive document management solution at an ALCOA standard that lowers production costs, increases product quality and enhances the final document deliverable to their customers. CPFS is also skilled at helping suppliers create a library of engineering documentation that can be leveraged for future projects.
  • Suppliers, vendors and other stakeholders are accountable for delivering documentation related to the equipment they provide their customers. More than ever, suppliers are being asked to provide documents in accordance with individual clients’ requirements. In many cases, the combination of client-specific documents and reporting requirements are impacting suppliers’ ability to deliver accurate and timely information, and driving their costs upward.
  • CPFS Supplier Document Management service streamlines the verification of client information and creates efficient work-flows that conform to Good Engineering Practices (GEPs). Using our proprietary, cloud technology known as webTOP, multiple keys are assigned for each document, allowing suppliers to maintain their own numbering system while delivering information in the customers’ desired format.
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  • Streamlined Turnover from construction into CQV
  • Reduced time spent doing CQV work
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Easy CMMS load