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Historically, GMP type capital projects have struggled with the integration of information from the many different project sources. As a consequence, critical information is not always easily accessible to project contributors. Too often, this failure to share timely and accurate information across the project has led to significant problems that can be costly in the form of disputes, time delays, rework, and sometime regulatory issues. This ultimately results in failure to meet project objectives.

How it Works

  • At CPFS we have successfully developed and incorporated an innovative process for delivering capital project information. This service collaborates with contractors, design teams and vendors to capture, organize and present the information to all parties as they need it. Our service incorporates methods and proprietary world-class cloud-based tools which enable the team to collect vital information across the project lifecycle. As an added benefit our tools work seamlessly with many industry project management platforms. This enables easy access and transfer of information across the project platforms.
  • The goal of our service is clear: bring capital projects to full production on time, under control, and without any cost overruns by providing access to critical information throughout the entire project lifecycle.
  • At CPFS we assume the risk. Partnering with us will provide total project information integration throughout the lifespan of your project. Starting early in the project allows us to ensure everything you need is readily available. We provide clients with critical information necessary to meet CQV requirements and do it in a controlled manner that allow the project to move quickly through qualification, validation and into full production.
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  • Save time at the start of the commissioning by having error and deviation free information and data
  • Have IQ complete before other activities begin
  • Use our system or organize and reorganize content to optimally support each process
  • Add CQV work product delivery to our Archive, making it available to FDA owners and their vendors